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Shenzhen Power Lighting limited established in 2009 years.At begin we are Only one trading office with four people.In 2011 years,we own our first small factory,then start produce led lighting products, we mainly produce some regular led lighting products. Through our efforts,our company slow get more and more customers,in 2012 years,we increase produce led strip light,led module ,led pixel light etc Led lighting products,since 2013,we start produce different products in different place and open different factory.By 2017, we had become into one group company.which own Continental companies & HK companies & Shenzhen factory & jiangxi factory.

By 2017 we had own autonomous brands and trademarks: ”SPSASV”  “POWER” etc.

Meanwhile,we also OEM,ODM for some famous brands from different countries.

Our products have been sold to Europe, North America, South American, Oceania, Middle  East, Southeast  Asia and other different markets.

In 2020 year,we start to enter intelligent lighting territory,Developed one after another smart lighting products,under the influence of novel coronavirus ,through our own efforts,we provide customers with sterilization products,received unanimous praise from customers.


  • 2018

    With the arrival of 2018, the company is also constantly advancing, with the increase of the market, the market competition becomes more and more intense, the price and the different needs of the customers have brought us a little challenge. At the same time, the company is also making corresponding adjustments to different needs, as much as possible. The needs of many customers. To provide customers with more inexpensive products, so that our partners can win a strong advantage in the fierce market competition.

  • 2017

    After nearly 10 years of continuous development, the company has its own registered trademark, "SPSASV" "POWER", forming a comprehensive group company with 4 companies and 2 production bases. At the same time, some products with no advantages and good partners can meet different customers' differences. The optimal demand of the product.

  • 2013

    After a busy 2012, in order to better adapt to the market and reduce production needs, the company decided to set up different factories in order to better manage production at the same time to reduce the cost of all aspects. In 2013, the company set up a branch in Guangxi.

  • 2012

    At begin of 2012,With the increasing demand of the Led market, in order to adapt to the wider market demand, the company started to increase some of the more best-selling products according to the actual demand, and got a lot of favorable comments and support from the customers.

  • 2011

    In 2011 years,Shenzhen Power Lighting Limited own his own first small factory,then begin produce led lighting products, At begin mainly produce some convention led lighting products.mainly is to meet different customers' need!

  • 2009

    In 2009, Shenzhen Power Lighting Limited opened his own trading deparement With four Persons total .

  • Happy new year for 2021

    Happy new year for 2021.Wishing all our cooperate 2021 more and more better~

  • ISO9001 Certification

    Congratulations on shenzhen Power lighting Limited passing ISO9001 certification~


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