Our Company



    ①I:How long has your company been set up ? 

    A:About 9Years+.

    ②I:What products do you produce mainly?

    A:Mainly is led strip,led module,led pixel light,led driver ,led underground light,led flood light,led exit sign etc other led projecting lighting products.

    ③I:Where is your main sales market ?

    A:Our products are sold to 80% of the countries and regions in the world.For example :Europe, America, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, 

     Southeast Asia, South America, Oceania etc.

    ④I:Do your company accept small orders ?

    A:Of course, any bulk order is started from a small order. We are willing to cooperate with you.

    ⑤I:Is your company delivery on time? Because we have many orders with uncertainty, so we need to make timely delivery and delivery after Place order.

    A:Yes,We deliver on time, but some times, some orders, we need to communicate ahead of time, because sometimes, some things really have a lot of   uncertainty, I think we can communicate with each other's work, strive for satisfaction, cooperation and win-win cooperation.

    ⑥I:How long do you usually have a regular order for delivery?

    A:Usually, the order of the regular product is about 5-7 days, but for the batch order, we need to determine the specific order according to the number   of orders, usually 25-30 days. Of course, some orders may be longer. Specific analysis needs specific analysis.

    ⑦I:May I ask, can you strictly control the quality of the product? You have a special quality control staff?

    A:  Yes.dear,we had special quality control staff for different products.you do not need worry our quality.

    ⑧I:If I have a large number of orders, your company can OEM for me.

   A:Yes,dear,We can OEM for you if you need.It is no problem.

    ⑨I:If we Place larger order,could you supply free label according to our requirement.

    A:Yes.dear.It is no problem.we will supply free label according to your requirement.


    ①I:If I have an urgent order for enquiry, can you promise to reply within 24 hours ?

    A:Yes.dear.If you have an urgent order for enquiry,you can contact with our sale.they will reply you within 24hours and give you quotation.

    ②I:If our order is defective, will you compensate us ?

    A:Yes.dear.We usually make sure that the product is perfect before delivery, but sometimes it doesn't rule out a few small questions. If it happens, you can send us pictures or videos, and we will give you a satisfactory answer according to the actual situation.

    ③I:If there are some related products, your company does not produce, we need, can you help purchase ?

    A: Dear,Yes,if we can supply help,we will try our best,so that It's convenient for you.

    ④I:Can you accept Paypal payment.

    A:As usual,for small or sample order,we can accept Paypal payment,for batch order,as usual we accept western union,T/T,L/C etc.

    ⑤I:How long is your product warranty ?

    A:In general, the quality guarantee period for a financial product is one year.Project type warranty two years.for some Custom products,

According to negotiation time, customer demand and pricing decision.

    ⑥I:Does your company accept private customization ?

    A:Yes,Dear.We are very happy to accept a private product.

    ⑦I:Can you tell us which companies your big customers are?

    A:Sorry,dear.it is Business secrets, we can't tell you that. Forgive us.

    ⑧I:Could you tell us what brands are being commissioned by your company?

    A:Sorry,dear.it is Business secrets, we can't tell you that. Forgive us.

    ①I:If we cooperate, can you give me a lower price than other customers?

    A:Dear,The price depends on the quantity and quality,If you want to buy our products at below market prices, we may not be able to cooperate,         because we do not want to cheat customers.Under the same quality and quantity, we have the lowest price for all customers.

    ②I:If we pay you, will you not deliver the goods or defective goods ?

    A:Dear, please rest assured, we are a regular company, in good faith in business, we will never deceive customers, your money whenever it is safe to     put us here.

    ③I:Do the samples of your company charge ?

    A:Usually for regular samples, we do not charge for the sample, but the transport fee is the customer's own. If the sample is a lot or a custom product, we have to charge the sample.

    ④I:If we have freight forwarders, can you deliver them with them ? 

     A:Yes.Dear,If have freight forwarders,we can .But if it is EXW,maybe you need pay the freight from our factory to your freight forwarders warehouse.

    ⑤I:Can we represent your products in our area?

    A:Yes,some place is allowed,but need Company evaluation.

    ⑥I:What if we have a problem with the product we ordered ?

    A:You can contact your sales staff, tell them specific situations, and provide pictures or videos of defective products based on his requirements, receive information, they will feed back to the company, the company will evaluate the information, and then give the solution.

    ⑦I:If we want to visit your factory, can you arrange to receive us?

    A:Yes,dear,If you want to visit our factory, you can get in touch with the salesperson who is in contact with you in advance. The sales receive information and will be fed back to the company. The company will make the corresponding arrangements according to the actual situation.

    ⑧I:Are all your products on the website?

    A:Thanks for your remind,dear.we only show most of the product on the website.there are many type we had not show,you can send message to us if you feel had Related products.